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Sunday, 1 May 2016

May 1, 2016

Sunday May 1, 2016 

A  Blessedly beautiful Sunday morning and a hot afternoon.  Summer is trying hard to get established although there has been very little spring weather.  Gardens are growing almost too quickly. 

We had a lovely Church service this morning. Very few children attended today, but after the children's story, they donned little gardening gloves and with their own tiny gardening tools, joined the Sunday School teachers in planting flowers to  our garden. 

Rev. Karen's "Reflection" was based on the scripture of the man who had been ill for 38 years but he could not make it into the healing pool nearby.  Rev.Karen assured us that we do not need priority or wealth to seek healing. We only need ask God for his help.  Healing obviously does not come to everyone, but we will always be comforted.

Today's anthem was a beautiful piece.  I wished it would go on much longer.  We are so blessed to have a very talented Music director and some truly lovely voices in our choir.

I noticed several new faces among the worshippers.  We try to make them feel at home and comfortable and hope to see them again

Being the first Sunday of the month, we had Communion.  We serve grape juice and gluten free bread so that all can partake, including the children.  In the United Church of Canada, all are welcome to partake of the Communion sacraments, whether or not they are adherents of our church.

On the weekend, we held another successful garage sale.  We are fortunate to have a UCW group and several men in the congregation who are willing to put in the amount of work required  to hold an event like this.


On May 11th, the Refugee Committee will sponsor a talk by award winning writer Lawrence Hill, author of "The Book of Negroes" and his new one "The Illegal", about which he will speak.  Tickets are $40 and are available through Carman or the Cultural Centre.

Watch for more information on our annual picnic which will be held this year on June 12th.

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  1. Thanks Carolyn for writing this and keeping us updated on church events.Chris