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Friday, 13 May 2016

This week at Carman

Friday, May 13th

It's been a busy week for many at Carman, with Messy Church at the beginning of the week and The Lawrence Hill event held on Wednesday evening. 

Nice turnout of Children last Sunday.  Karen's Word for all Ages talked of our favourite songs and what they mean to us. Although the young ones had difficulty coming up with favourites, the older folk had no problem at all, most of them mentioning hymns both old and modern.


The annual "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" will be held on May 28th. Always an enjoyable evening, it is open to all Carmanites and other U.C. folk if they want to meet new friends.  Both Hosts and guests are needed.  Call the church for info or booking.  Proceeds go towards dinners at Ruth and Naomi Mission.

The Rotary Trail walks begin on May 29th, sponsored by Parish life.  A nice chance to get exercise while visiting with a friend. Meet at 7:00 p.m. at the Peach Rd. parking lot.  Amblers and those more energetic folk are all welcome.  Call the church for info.  858-3223.

Healing Pathway is available for relaxing therapy on the first Monday of the month.  Appointments are for 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. Call 604-858-6963 to make a booking.

Observer subscription renewal time is here.  Sunday, May 15th is the last day to renew, new, or cancel. Fill out the form on the Narthex table and return it to the office or put it on the collection plate, with your Cheque (made payable to Carman United Church) or cash, using your own envelopes or the blue ones available at the church. Unpaid subscriptions will not be renewed.

As we near time for the Sanctuary Renovations, we are looking for those who might like a piece of Carman History in the form of a purchase of a pew, which are to be removed. 

First United Church in Vancouver has an ongoing need for items to help the homeless and the poor.  Blankets, elastic waist pants, men's shoes, Lysol wipes.For summer they need  swimsuits and backpacks ( for their picnic) shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, sunhats, sunglasses, sunscreen , after sun lotion, and bottled water. (Funds are always welcome of course) A collection box is in the Narthex.
We are also seeking those who might deliver the items we collect to First U.C. on their trips into the big city.  Call the church if you can help 858-3223.

Lectionary readings for May 15th are: Acts2:1-2 or Genesis 11: 1-9 ; Psalm 104: 24-34 & 35b;  Romans 8: 14-17; John 14: 8 - 17 (25-27).

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