Carman United Church, Chilliwack, BC

Monday, 6 June 2016


The trees have lost their blossoms and are in full leaf now. Flowers are blooming everywhere, and we're already enjoying the fruits of our gardens. Strawberries are big and luscious, just waiting to be piled on shortcake with whipped cream.

With this early summer we are enjoying (or not) real heat, already over the 30 degree mark.
At Carman, we're looking forward to our annual picnic, held as usual at Gwynne Vaughn park.  This year, we are trying something new.  Our morning service will be held there, with the barbeque lunch following.  In the afternoon there will be games for children and adults.

If you're planning to attend, please bring the following. Chairs for everyone in your party, plates, cups and cutlery (or use the throwaway ones provided); a sun hat, and  water for everyone.  There is water at the site but it is through a hose and may taste a bit.  In the event of very light rain, the plan is to meet under the pavilion, but otherwise the service will be at the church.  There is an indoor washroom at the park for your convenience. Parking is somewhat limited, so carpooling would be a good idea if possible.

There is a full day planned and we hope that you will all attend.  You may bring children, grandchildren, BFFs, and that lovely old lady next door who never seems to get out for a fun day. 

Let's make this another great success.  There is no charge but donations towards food and prizes are always graciously accepted.
 summer clothing. 
Summer weather brings out the lighter clothing.  Have you noticed some of the colourful tee-shirts with messages printed on them?  Often they are seeking support for various charities or causes which are of interest to our congregation members.  Our newsletter which comes out next week will feature articles on some of these.  If you have a favourite charity, you are welcome to send some information on it to be posted here or in the newsletter.  

$$$$$  Donations towards the new sanctuary chairs are still coming in and we are very close to our goal.  We are still seeking donations to the building fund which will be much depleted by the replacement flooring in the sanctuary.  It's important that this fund be built up again so that we have contingency funds for any other repairs which might be required.Give what you can.  An extra $1 or 2 per week could give us $10,000 at the end of a year.

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