Carman United Church, Chilliwack, BC

Friday, 17 June 2016

The Days of Summer

First up on our summer calendar was the Carman United annual picnic,  held on June 12th.  Once again it took place at Gwynne Vaughan Park, that beautiful acreage of lawns, trees and gardens off of Hope River Road.  This is our 5th year at G.W.P. and we changed things a bit.  Our regular Sunday morning service at 10:30 was held there.  It was a bit cloudy and cool, but the rain held off and by afternoon we had sunshine. 

The service followed the usual pattern with hymns, accompanied by Lisa and Angie on Guitar and voice and Dan with his flutes and horn; scripture reading and Reflection. The theme was Creation, and Angie did a children's story on that basis. Not often you see a minister, not only without a surplice, but wearing jeans and flannel shirt.  A relaxed service to be sure.

After the service, we enjoyed our usual picnic repast of hamburgers, chips,  hot dogs, potato salad, tossed salad, donated desserts and ice cream cones.  Hot Tea and coffee were welcome in the cool morning, but lemonade was also available.

The children were kept busy during the service with pictures to colour with crayons and pencils, and then they filled their plates, most of which were abandoned when the water guns were handed out. Races and games followed, while some of the adults enjoyed bocce ball.  All in all a great day.


Reverend Karen, who is working towards her doctorate in Theology, left yesterday for three weeks of study in the United States.  No word to me on who will be handling the pulpit during her absence.
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